Our Values...

  • We believe that every child can learn the skills necessary to become productive members of society. We believe that when a student is experiencing difficulty learning these skills, an effective teacher will find an approach that will enable the child to be successful.
  • We value caring and respectful relationships and believe that they are essential in the academic and emotional growth of children.
  • We value the individuality of children. We believe that effective teachers are those who are tolerant of their students’ differences and tailor their academic and therapeutic instruction to the interest and needs of their students.
  • We value responsible, socially acceptable behavior. We believe that teachers can be life changing when they consistently have high expectations for their students’ behavior.
  • We value the role of parents and believe that parents deserve the support of the school in their efforts to raise their child.
  • We value quality standards-based instruction. We believe that students can attain academic excellence when teachers consistently have high expectations for academic achievement.