About Us

The Cedarwood GNETS Program is one of twenty-four GNETS programs comprising the Georgia
Network for Educational and Therapeutic Support (GNETS).  The GNETS mission is to support the local school systems’ continuum of services by providing comprehensive special education services and therapeutic support to students with severe emotional and behavioral disorders and students with Autism.  The Cedarwood GNETS Program has three school locations in Baxley, Statesboro, and Lyons.

The Cedarwood Program offers academic instruction and social skills training for students, as well as consulting services to schools.  The curriculum taught at the Cedarwood Program is aligned to the Georgia Performance Standards and students are given academic instruction that addresses their areas of academic need and goals outlined in the student’s IEP.  Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), a research based approach, is used to teach, model, and reinforce expected school behavior.  In addition, students are taught coping skills to deal with stress and students begin to establish and refine their socialization skills and improve their self-concept.  The student’s progress is continually monitored and when the student meets exit criteria created by the IEP committee, he or she is able to return to their home school.  Students are served in the least restrictive environment (LRE).


cEDARWOOD ......

Empowering children to create their own future BY:

Actively participating in learning.

Being a respectful part of the group.

Contributing positively to others.

Demonstrating personal responsibility.

The Cedarwood GNETS Program is committed to providing a therapeutic experience woven into quality academic instruction that promotes responsible and socially acceptable behavior while teaching the skills necessary to become productive members of society. 


  • We believe that every child can learn the skills necessary to become productive members of society.  We believe that when a student is experiencing difficulty learning these skills, an effective teacher will find an approach that will enable the child to be successful. 
  •  We value caring and respectful relationships and believe that they are essential in the academic and emotional growth of children.
  • We value the individuality of children. We believe that effective teachers are those who are tolerant of their students’ differences and tailor their academic and therapeutic instruction to the interest and needs of their students.
  • We value responsible, socially acceptable behavior.  We believe that teachers can be life changing when they consistently have high expectations for their students’ behavior.
  • We value the role of parents and believe that parents deserve the support of the school in their efforts to raise their child.
  • We value quality standards-based instruction. We believe that students can attain academic excellence when teachers consistently have high expectations for academic achievement.


1.)  Our students will make significant gains in the area of reading as measured by a variety of local and state assessments.

2.)  Our students will make significant gains in the area of math as measured by a variety of local and state assessments.

3.)  Our students will develop skills that enable them to transition successfully to employment and/or appropriate post-secondary options.

4.)  Our students will return to the least restrictive environment with success.


Services offered:

  • Academic instruction
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL Evaluations
  • THERAPEUTIC Services

Services include a range of classroom placements as well as consultative services to the students' home school teachers and administrators.  We provide educational and therapeutic services to students through academic and psychological testing, individual, family, group counseling, and crisis intervention.  An important aspect of our program includes parent services to help support parents and assist them in obtaining resources to meet the challenges of raising a child with an emotional and behavioral disorder or a child with Autism.